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Reviewers, do your duty!


I was browsing the Golden Clit nominations and found, not to my surprise, Argon had a story nominated by a lot of people. He has 20 stories posted on SOL, two of them voted over 9, several over 8.9 and more over 8.8. He has two stories under 8, and both of them are over 7.5. One of those won a Halloween contest. I suspect it isn't over 8 because it is shorter than most of his stories.

What I am trying to point out is that he is one of the best authors on SOL, and only a couple of his stories have been reviewed. This inaction should be adjusted by us reviewers as soon as possible. Certainly before the Awards are presented. How will people know what to read if we do not lead them?

Obviously if he has stories you do not like, you should not review it, but I really would like to hear from someone who does not like any story by Argon with a reason so I could understand why. I have no excuse. Particularly the ones the voting public has rated over 9. The stories tend to be a little longer than most, but not unending sagas. Almost all of them I have read, some before I had a reviewer credential.

I feel so strongly about this I appear to have posted it twice. oops.

Upon further review my call to arms was not in order. I looked at about half the stories, even the few that do have a review, and it appears that it is not possible to post reviews to his stories. Oh well, I guess our duty is to vote for the Golden Clits and support the authors who have done exceptional work. I will be supporting Argon based on his history of fine work here. I guess he doesn't need me to look over his shoulder.

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