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I search of a editor,very early in my writing career.
Not a pro just enjoying writing.



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Dominions Son


Look here:


Crumbly Writer

As always, it helps to provide detail. You want editors who'll enjoy the story, as well as those who know something about the genre. Generally, I'll list the story title, the blurb and the appropriate codes when requesting help (you can do this privately if you're afraid of giving the story away). Identifying genre is a major piece, as a mystery is different than a sci-fi saga or a historical drama.

However, the most useful approach is to farm your readership (if you're already posting). Your early work will be rough, but if anyone gives you suggestions, evaluate them and if they seem legit, grab them as editor/proof-readers or beta readers. They're already interested in the story and want it to succeed, rather than editors who'll eventually get bored and move on to other things.

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