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Speaking of seeking an editor ...

StarFleet Carl

I've done a re-write of my story that I spent about a year and a half writing, "Legacy of a Legend". I freely admit and acknowledge that I am nowhere near the author that the legends of this sire are. I mean, let's face it, my work is a Skyrim fan-fiction that turned into a LOT more than I thought it would be when I first started writing it.

Having said that, I let it sit for about six months without looking at it. I've since then gone through the thing, doing quite a bit of rewriting of the first 20 chapters or so, to make the actual tenses match more closely to how the final 54 chapters ended up being. I thought I was imitating the way Ernest Bywater writes in the initial chapters, but then wasn't ... anyway, there's been a few thousand people read the thing and as of today, it still scores an 8.05 with an actual length of just over 2.4 MB.

So, I posted an editor request on that page. What I'd like to find is someone that I can send the rewritten book to that has a bit of free time to read it and make sure that I've been consistent with my names (I had the Jarl of Whiterun as both Balgruf and Balgruuf at one point) and to make sure I've used passed or past correctly each time I've used that word. And of course, to let me know if there are inconsistencies (such as the time in the original that I wrote a sentence fragment and it got by both my re-reads and my first reader, so it was posted that way. No excuse for sloppy work like that.)

Anyway, the reason for this is because I plan on re-posting the thing in time for 11/11/18, which will be the 7th anniversary of the game 'Skyrim' that my story is based upon. 7 years is, in the video game business, a LONG time for a game to be out and to be popular. Skyrim - The Elder Scrolls 5 - is one of those exceptions to that rule. My homage to the game and to Bethesda - taking their world and playing there, with my choices and in some (and in later chapters, a LOT) of my own dialogue and actions - is my own creation.

It would be nice if someone who volunteers for this would be both a fan of TES IV (Oblvion) as well as TEX V (Skyrim) as I've used elements of the predecessor game in my story. (Specifically, having the main protagonist in my story being the daughter of the main character from the previous video game, thus neatly tying the two of them together.)

Note that since my story came out, another Skyrim mod has been released that allows your Skyrim character to actually enter Bruma and Cyrodiil. It's not canon, but it's a damned good mod in and of itself, and I highly recommend it. But I didn't include it in any of my rewrites. Oh, and it's very late on Friday evening (okay, fairly early, relatively speaking) and I've taken both my nightly sleepers as well as had a modicum dose of an adult beverage (meaning 4 ounces of Seagram's Honey mixed with 6 ounces of Chi-Chi's Long Island Iced Tea, 8 ounces of Coke Zero, and some ice) so if this post rambles on and on and on (like the song), that's why. (And yes, I can still type coherent sentences even when snockered off my butt. It's just my head is tilted sideways looking at my monitor is all....)

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