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Changes to the Editors listings

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)

As the site has moved to on-site contact system, it's become necessary to update the editor listings to reflect these changes.

From now on, there is no editor contact email address and no editor specific name.

The system will now show the nick name selected in the 'My Account' page.

Everything else remains the same.

Ross at Play

Thanks, Lazeez.

There are reasons editors may need anonymity as much as authors.

Before finding SOL, I had contact with editors on another site. One was distressed when a lunatic, who knew her email address, was stalking her. Another man did not want his third wife asking questions about emails in his inbox. Third wife, eh? ... perhaps some cause and effect there? Whatever ... I could see his point.

There is also the terrifying prospect that receiving unsolicited emails with banned attachments could be a crime in some countries. :(

Well done.

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