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Editor - Proofreader needed for a new story.


Hello, I'm looking for an editor-proofreader or both.

It's for a short story. 36k words and it's already finished.

Coming of age and something next to a dystopian world.

MC is a girl. The story starts when she's 15 and follows her through her life.

Evolves from dark to light.

It has some sex during the first half, but I don't give details, it's a character and situation based story, so not sexual activities are explained.

It has, again during the first half situations of abuse, violence and humiliation, but again, I go through them talking more about feelings than actions.

What I need:

I would like help with the future technology, doesn't have to be much in the future, maybe 10 years ago. And also with two or three fights that happen during the story.

Help with the structure, and grammar.

English is not my main language.

I'm also willing to get any other help and advice.

The story is finished, I'm retouching and doing some editing on my own.

You can check my profile to see my writing and style, but this one is different to anything else I've written.

Thanks in advance,




MC is a girl, The story starts when she's 15 and follows her through her live.

Not volunteering, but "The" probably should be "the", or the comma after girl should be a period. "live" should probably be "life".

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Hi Sofi,

maybe it's me, but I can't find an author sofieta.teta.

But, as your story is short and what you said so far sounds interesting, I could give it a try anyway.

You can contact me via my editor record on the volunteer editor list.


Replies:   sofieta.teta


Thanks, I will search you on the list.




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