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Interesting Question


Amanda Serve : Whose dick does one have to suck to get a review of her story?

Replies:   JohnBobMead


Well, given the focus of her stories based upon her blog entry, it's kind of a niche market.

I'm not sure any of the current crop of reviewers are appropriate.


are the stories really that bad? these are 5.x scores.

Ernest Bywater


are the stories really that bad? these are 5.x scores.

I don't know, from the tags and story blurbs they don't appeal to me, and that's probably why they haven't been reviewed too often, lack of appeal to the reviewers.. Being in a sort of genre side pocket or niche they probably get good scores from those they appeal to, but may not be getting all that many readers.

awnlee jawking


I reckon the technical quality is pretty good, but the scores show a lack of general appeal.

I've started a couple of the stories and enjoyed the initial characterisation (a spunky teen), and the subsequent mild BDSM. Then the stories get darker, the BDSM and sex becomes unsafe and exploitative, and the protagonist seems to lose her endearing qualities. That's when I lost interest, despite story blurb promises of humour and things not always being what they seem.


Replies:   Jim S
Jim S

@awnlee jawking

I'll add my voice to both EB's and AJ's post above. Lack of appeal given the codes makes a review impossible since I won't read the stories to begin with. I'll also mention that the question raised my eyebrows somewhat as I thought the answer so obvious as to render the question unnecessary.

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