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Authors who don't want reviews


I recently became a reviewer and am having a good time reviewing my favorite stories and trying to encourage others to read them. This, I believe, is in keeping with Lazeez's "reviewer's guidelines".

Anyhow, several of my favorite stories were written by Marsh Alien, and he has declined reviews. I wasn't aware this was possible, but apparently it is. That's too bad, because several of his stories reside in my permanent collection and I re-read them from time to time.

This is just by way of commenting...I doubt he will be amenable to reviews in the future either, and the latest story he posted was back in 2009.

awnlee jawking


Four of his stories currently have reviews. Some of his stories are all-time classics so it's sad he's disappeared and his stories are now 'upstairs'.


Switch Blayde


he has declined reviews.

I declined reviews for a while. I was afraid the reviewer would give away a plot twist or write something that would ruin the story for the reader. I ended up turning them back on.

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