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Reviewing somewhat similar stories


Comparing "Spitfire and Messerschmitt" by Gina when she was younger, "Stupid Boy" (several books based on the character's age) by G Younger and Defenseman (several books with numbers in the title) by Cold Creek (possibly Gold Geek?). Adjusted the author's name so they all start with a G.

They all involve sports, baseball for Spitfire... (on her site she strongly indicates using S&M is not an option), American football for Stupid, and Ice Hockey for Defenseman. The first two the hero is in High School, the last he is starting University, but he is Canadian so he is a virgin. How they lose their virginities is one of the sub-themes, and all the young women they visit consists of much of the story. Although Gina is busy posting a revised version from the one on SOL with much less sex.

The last two have the hero getting into modeling. Only Stupid Boy visits the land of Hollywood and film making, but perhaps later books/revisions of the others may encounter that activity. Spitfire and Defenseman lead into CIA and MI6 anti-crime activities by the hero. Defenseman's parents are dead, although his father transferred some of his sports knowledge to the hero before his death. In Spitfire... the father has urged his son, the hero, to engage in athletics and may have assisted his progress. This is not a theme of Stupid Boy, the parents are surprised by their son's interest and success.

I am sure there are other similarities and differences in these well liked stories that Reviewers such as ourselves could comment on. What is memorable to you, as reader/reviewer, about each of these stories?

Replies:   Centaur

Sadly, the most memorable thing to me about all three is the despondency I feel about all the sex these damned teenager are getting! I grew up in the height of the sexual revolution and, mistakenly, thought that I had a decent sex life, even as a teen! I always assumed that the partners I left behind were the reason I couldn't get into neither the CIA nor MI6. Sadly, most coming of age stories would leave almost all teenagers feeling horribly inadequate.

Replies:   Lugh

It is fiction and the author either revealing their own wish fulfilment or helping readers fulfil their fantasies. Fiction means it isn't true, there is no reason to feel despondency. Its hard to make teenagers feel inadequate.

Replies:   Ross at Play
Ross at Play


Its hard to make teenagers feel inadequate.

It is almost impossible for adults to make teenagers feel inadequate.
However, teenage girls have an innate gift for making teenage boys feel inadequate, without even really trying, and vice-versa.



I always assumed that the partners I left behind were the reason I couldn't get into neither the CIA nor MI6.

Nah, for me, it was not finishing academia. Of course, I was being recruited as an analyst, which greatly interested me but isn't exciting to most people.



you forgot one

Ninth Grade 1958-1959 the Richard Jackson saga by banadin Sport is golf, no modeling, how ever heavy in to the movies

Replies:   richardshagrin


you forgot one

You are exceptionally correct. One of my favorites. I wonder how I can contort the author's name so it starts with a G. Ganadin? G. Banadin?

Perhaps because of the character's age, or because it is set in the late 1950s in Ohio (until they moved to California), the hero is almost entirely virginal. He has girl-friends, but the California one is sent to a female only school in Switzerland before anything too interesting happens. When sailing one summer his ship takes him to Argentina, finds a girl and he almost scores. But not quite. Very not like SOL.

Replies:   awnlee jawking
awnlee jawking


Didn't sport play a significant part in the first Hindsight 20/20 book by GmokingGriver?


Replies:   richardshagrin

@awnlee jawking

Hindsight 20/20

Golf, but that is a fairly frequent theme in the author's stories. The smoking driver reflects how fast he hits golf balls, I think. Or maybe pot.

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