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I have far too much time on my hands and decided to use some of it to look at past reviews and reviewers. There are 123 reviewers listed with at least one review. The most likely number of reviews is one! As an exercise for the reader, feel free to calculate how many reviews there are. The most reviews by far are by FuzzyWuzzy with 656. To my shagrin, my alias barron of ideas is number 7 on the list with 71. However a lot of reviewers have not reviewed anything in 2016 and perhaps could be considered inactive. Fuzzy's last review was in 2014, I just need to live about 20 more years and I could review as many stories as he has. I am not sure if my reviews on fine stories and science fiction (I refuse to call it SciFi, fie on those that won't use SF if they need to shorten the name) count. Probably not. I am the only person to review a SF story on that channel of World Publishing. Or would that be an SF story, SF is pronounced ess eff. I encourage all readers to contact Lazeez the Webmaster and get their credential to be a reviewer and write reviews. Hopefully on stories that have never been reviewed.

I followed a one story reviewer whose last review was in 2002, he may be the first SOL reviewer and found Adventureland a pretty good story posted in 1999 by SueNH one of well over 20 stories. heavy stroke, I probably would never have found if one of her stories hadn't been reviewed.

Search for those golden oldies and write reviews that will bring them back to public attention. We don't need any more reviews of the top fifty stories both the long ones and possibly the short ones, at least if they already have multiple reviews. Break new ground, be the first to review a story you like. You don't have to give it a ten to review it. My theory, developed after deciding I was giving too many tens, is that 6 is a C, average, 7 is a B, good, 8 is an A, excellent, 9 is an A plus, higher than excellent, maybe outstanding, and 10 is very rare. If you give more than one ten a month you have been a very lucky reader/reviewer. On the bottom end where Lazeez prefers you to write the author rather than criticize him and/or his story in public, 5 is a D, low passing, and 4 or less is an F, failed the course and needs to be taken again to get credit. If you consistently one-bomb the stories you review you may find Management will suspend your reviewer rights. I don't know of this ever happening, there are reviews with numbers 5 and under in the past, but if you didn't like it why would you write and post a review? Your reviews, I think, are to offer to other readers information about good stories, ones you liked enough to review, so they can enjoy them too.

Comments welcomed, criticisms accepted because I have no choice.


Nobody else has rushed to answer my original post, so I will do it myself, and add the information that Aroslav is looking for people to answer a survey he has prepared. See his blog for details, and the internet address where it is. My comment to his blog is attached, because it discusses reviewing, sort of.

I am old (71) and horny but don't do much about it. Porn both written and on the internet (some as video) are all I can handle.

I don't think I have reviewed any of your stories. Not because I didn't like them but because others have and they are popular and recent enough I don't need to review them to bring them to the attention of SOL readers. I'll take a look at your author page on SOL and see if I have missed a chance to write a review. I like to put in something humerous (where is spell check when I need it?, I mean funny) in my reviews, do you have a favorite joke?

Going to Las Vegas to a Porn Convention and spending your time selling books might be funny enough.

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Bondi Beach


Adventureland a pretty good story posted in 1999 by SueNH one of well over 20 stories. heavy stroke, I probably would never have found if one of her stories hadn't been reviewed.

SueNH is an icon from the Golden Age of Porn. The "With Sue" stories, which include "SueNH" as one of the characters, are also excellent. "Weekend on the Island" is a great one. For some reason, it's truncated at an inopportune moment just about everywhere, but the complete version is on my Tumblr blog. There is a plot, albeit one that has plenty of sex.

There's a complete collection of SueNH's stories and the "With Sue" stories at Kristen's Collection in ASSTR. ("Weekend" is truncated here, too, unfortunately.)

EDIT TO ADD: I can't get the link to the ASSTR collection to display. Here is is in plain text:

OK, screw it. It won't display correctly. Google this text string: with suenh weekend on the island ASSTR, and it's the second result. (BitBard is the first.)



It appears that Celeste is the first reviewer on SOL. On page 96 of the list of all reviews by date I found the following:
Free For All Farmgirl Frank Brown Celeste 2002-01-18 7 10

First Time in the Behind Ron Taylor Celeste 2002-01-18 8 10

For the Love of Becca Virago Blue Celeste 2002-01-18 10 10

Destiny Al Steiner Celeste 2002-01-18 9 8

My First Time Paris Waterman Celeste 2002-01-18 9 10

More Phone Sex Paris Waterman Celeste 2002-01-18 9 9

All told, by going back to page 95, Celeste reviewed an even dozen stories on January 18, 2002. At least that was the date the reviews were posted.

Based on reviewing a few of her reviews (that might be a little more reviewing than most people do) she was the most accomplished reviewer of all reviewers that have posted something to SOL. I suggest, if you have some time but not enough to read a hundred chapter novel, you might want to look at some of her reviews for style and wit and how to do it right. And that's my Reviewer Fact for Friday the seventh of October.



those golden oldies and write reviews that will bring them back to public attention.

I agree and frequently read those stories that are reviewed.



I was giving too many tens

That's a very common reviewer failing IMO. For example, I read an okayish story which was riddled with typos and continuity errors. Someone reviewed it and gave it 10 for quality! (They also gave it 10 for appeal, which is fair enough since that's a purely subjective measure.)


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