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Word of the Day

Ross at Play

We have all been silent for more than a day.

The word of the day from dictionary.com is paranymph. It means either a groomsman or bridesmaid at a wedding.

My guess was a young woman who found interesting uses for the stump of her arm after a hand was amputated.

Does SoL have a code for that?

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@Ross at Play

Perhaps gomorrahy? (Gom?)


Replies:   Ross at Play
Ross at Play


Perhaps gomorrahy?

There is already an 'amputee' code. What I was thinking of would have to be autogomorrahy?


Today's word of the day at dictionary.com is iatrogenic , meaning caused by the diagnosis or manner of the physician. One example given is that when a patient reads a doctor's chart and sees some Latin or Greek term they tend to overestimate how sick they are.

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Crumbly Writer

Don't expect any future words of the day from Ross. He's been banned from the forum for that little flair up.

If I'd known we could get trolls banned, I'd have complained long ago. But then, chances are whoever complained first would ultimately win, which just creates a 'report your foes before they report you' mentality.

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My experience is that iatrogenic has a deeper meaning to physicans: "We don't know what's wrong with his liver, BUT we've ruled out the usual causes such as alcoholic cirrhosis, infectious hepatitis, fatty degeneration, chemically induced hepatitis, hepatoma..."


@Crumbly Writer

banned from the forum

how did you know that he was banned?

Replies:   Crumbly Writer
Crumbly Writer


how did you know that he was banned?

I'd been cautioning him to temper his messages, taking the high road, making references to my own incidents a couple years ago with someone else who continually attacked me to the detriment of the entire site. As a result, he notified me when Lazeez penalized him. I essentially told him: don't sweat it, take it easy, ease off and maintain communication with individual authors, but avoid objectionable content or overly harsh criticisms (good advice, since he was looking for advice of editing other author's work).

Since then, both he and REP100 gave me the full list of documentation on the forum, their private communications and Lazeez.

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