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Beta Readers and Editors Wanted- God of War fanfiction

AchtungNight 🚫

Fellow God of War Fans-

I am penning a God of War video game saga fanfiction story that will potentially grow. The first chapter is now finished as per my own initial reviews as writer. I have forwarded it to three potential but unconfirmed alpha readers. I am also seeking beta readers and possible other alpha readers also. I do not have time to look through all the beta reader resumes available, so I am advertising and hoping potential willing beta readers will answer. This also applies to editors who have worked for me before and might in the future. I am willing to pay such editors a small sum if interested, time frame is one week.

To any who would answer- please be aware that this is an adult romance story rated M. It is also a crossover between God of War, other religious mythologies on which that game saga has not yet touched and ones it has touched, and a popular science fiction saga I will not identify here. I consider this story the most epic story I have written to date. I will be posting it to this and other sites. Please message me, if you are interested in being my beta reader.

Please also be aware that the story ships Kratos & Freya. You may ignore or otherwise malign this humble boat captain if you would, but he hopes he will be respected in his sailing needs. That's a metaphor... I mean, analogy. I hope they have such things where you are from.

Talk to you later, readers. -AN

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