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Scroll to first unread post/reply


Since this forum can now tell that I have already read all replies in a thread or not, it shouldn't be too difficult to automatically scroll to the first unread post if there are any.

It's not such a large problem yet, but the need to scroll and seek manually is already becoming a bit of a pain in two of the most active threads in this forum (editing vs proofreading & when should a story end).

If you ever introduce multi-page threads, this would be an essential feature.

Crumbly Writer

You can try the "Most Recent Threads" category.

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater

@Crumbly Writer

it's still an issue with getting to the latest posts in the thread.


It's working for me now. Thanks Lazeez :)

Replies:   Grant


Yes, thank you Lazeez.
It makes things considerably easier when re-checking on a thread I've been too previously.

Switch Blayde

Great feature. Glad it was added.

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