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Identify unread posts

Switch Blayde

It would make this forum much easier to use if you could somehow identify unread posts (by user). I have to keep scanning old posts that I've already read to see if there are any new ones. After a while, I probably won't bother.

The way wattpad does it is to have the number of unread posts per thread to the right of the thread name. So if I had read 10 posts and two more were added since I was last in that thread, the number would be "2 new posts" (2 new posts for me. Every user would have a different number). I'd then go to the bottom of the thread and scroll up 2 posts (new ones added to the end). Wattpad also numbers the posts so I could actually do the math, but the scrolling is easier than math.


I agree 100%

-- aubie56

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)

@Switch Blayde

The way it's done now puts a grey background on anything that has nothing new. Threads that have something you haven't read have a white background. Posts in the thread are treated the same way, if you've accessed the thread after they were posted, then they're grey, if not, then they're white.

I've already addressed the 'x posts unread' in the topic page. I would have to stuff a lot of data into each list which is not exactly a good thing.

Replies:   Switch Blayde
Switch Blayde

@Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)

Didn't realize the gray. Thanks.

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