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Prompt archiving


It seems that when an author goes up for archive, if they have any of their stories written in collaboration with an author who has already had their works archived, those stories become premier-only immediately rather than after the week grace.

Current example:

OldBoy101 has two collaborations each with two authors already-archived:

Tinus with story IDs 57297 'Abandoned and Rescued' & 54851 'A Taste For White Meat'

Penqwin with story IDs 55479 'Janine, The Little Sister' and 57435 'Kerry Had a Little Lamb, the Conclusion'

These four stories are now marked premier-only even though the weeks grace does not expire until the 10th.

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)


These issues are rare enough that it's not worth the effort required to account for the various scenarios where this comes into play.

There are 102 stories (out of 43,000+) on the site with multiple authors, 21 are already archived, so that leave 81 stories at this moment with a potential to trigger the unexpected behaviour. Out of 33,000+ stories, it's not exactly a concern.

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