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Search by date


I wonder if it would be possible to list an authors stories by the date they were posted. When you go to the page "Authors" and type in the author's name and click you are presented with a list of their stories. If only a few, then looking through the list is not a problem. Fortunately for us readers we are lucky enough to have some great writers with a list as long as your arm. One of my favourites has over 100.
If this is already available, I have missed it,
Best regards.

Switch Blayde


If you click on "Date" (next to Description) it lists the stories in date order, the most recent first. Then if you click on it again, it reverses the order (oldest first). You can toggle back and forth by clicking on it.

Ernest Bywater

Already happens - on the PC version, anyway. When you go to the author's page the stories are listed and the column with Description above it has the words Date / Update beside it. They are hot links that change the story listing to be either the date the first part was posted or the date of the last update.

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)


If this is already available, I have missed it,

You need premier service for this feature.

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