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RFE: Author Stats: Count of exclusions

Harold Wilson

In the author stats, there is a count of how many times someone has added an author to their "Favorite Authors" list.

It only seems fair to also provide a count of how many times the author has been added to the "Exclude stories by Author" list, as well.

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)

@Harold Wilson

Do you really want a count of 'people who absolutely hate my work they never want to see it'?

I don't think so, for the next thing if I provide this count would be some authors wanting to contact those and asking them why.

Not going to happen.

Switch Blayde

@Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)

Not going to happen.



The reason for all the lists and other peripheral information on the site, other than the stories themselves is to make it easier to use and increase the readership. Some of the readers will become premier members and pay for all the work. No premier members, no site.

How will having lists that discourage people from reading stories and becoming members help the goal of attracting new members and retaining old members? Lazeez may have other reasons, but the obvious one, to me, is that it won't help retain or add members. Its the same reason negative reviews are discouraged, although in that case it may be to retain authors who are posting stories.

The reason for the site is for people to read the stories. Why tell them they won't like what is posted?

Replies:   tppm  Harold Wilson


Because, just because one person didn't like a story doesn't mean another won't.

Tastes differ, and the more tastes one caters to the more readers/writers one is likely to get/keep. For instance, I like pedo stories (a guarantee of several negative votes), and I suspect that Lazeez lost a number of readers, and I know he lost some writers, when he raised the lower age limit of characters to 14. On the other hand, I don't like MM stories, and I won't read a story with that in the code list (I won't down vote it, because I don't think my tastes are universal, but others will).

So, if one wants a wide audience, one looks for reasons to keep stories, not for reasons to get rid of them.

Harold Wilson

@Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)

I do want that count, and I think some others would benefit by it as well. Especially authors that maintain multiple pen names. It's just another metric for people to use trying to tune their writing.

The fact is that "people who absolutely hate my work" is not some category that authors need to have a way to contact. Thanks to the feedback system, they are pretty good about letting authors know how they feel. :-)

The number, though, would reflect a true count of the people who really meant what they said.

Harold Wilson


I think you didn't read the request completely. If you are an author on the site, you have a whole set of author tools. On your stats page, there is a section of site-wide statistics, including the number of people that have added you to their "Favorite Authors" list.

What I am proposing the the converse. Readers can, in their account settings, have Favorite Authors. They can also have authors whose works they never want to see - "Blocked Authors." I am proposing that the authors be able to see both the good and the bad. That is, how many people "really like me" as well as how many people have permanently blocked me.

As far as I know, the count of how many people have declared an author their "favorite" is not visible anywhere to readers. Both numbers would be strictly an author tool.

As far as telling people that they won't like what is posted, what do you think story codes are for? Remember that the original purpose of the codes was to allow people to avoid their "squicks" - the things that turned them off - like rape, pedo, scat, and the like.

It wasn't until much later that story codes became a positive, with people searching for things like "school", "sport", etc.

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