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Web site problems.


This and the other WLPCo sites were down for about an hour and a half. They're now back (mostly), but rather slow to respond.
Server issues?

EDIT- whatever it was, things seem to have settled down now. Web sites & forum are responsive, and no more sites going MIA.

Ernest Bywater

Not sure what the issue was, but I use a VPN and Normally go through their Canada East entry point. However, when the site came back up I was able to access via the Canada West entry which i was testing then couldn't access from the Canada East entry point for another 10 minutes, but could access via the two US entry points during that time. All of which was rather odd. Thus I wondered if it was a backbone issue at some point.


I received the following mail at 10:18 EST:

New post on Lazeez's Corner

SOL is Down
by Lazeez

The site is experiencing a hardware problem and we're working to resolve it. Your patience is appreciated.

However, I woke up a few hours later and when I logged on SOL everything seemed fine.

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