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Just a small request


I find two different styles of chapter listings. Some are 4 or 5 across in each row, then a new row starts below. However, some insist on a full row for each chapter. When you start getting longer stories you have to scroll a long way down the page to get to the new one. Now certainly some folks add a chapter title which truly takes up the line. But for the most part it is just Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc.
So please, my whatever method you use, please put several on a line and help my poor lazy fingers out with less scrolling to find the new one.

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)


I created that feature to allow authors to show their table of contents if it's necessary. Due to the way the site works, it's not possible for me to police its use.

When you see a story that abuses this feature by activating it for 'Chapter xx' only entries, let me know and I'll talk to the author.

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