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Recommendations section


Could we have a form for asking for reading recommendations? Those were always my favourite threads back on the google form. Possible expand Lost Stories to include recs?


I agree. There were quite a few forum posts requesting recommendations. My only concern is that folks might offer unsolicited recommendations of their own or others works. Maybe title it as 'Recommendation Requests'.

Crumbly Writer

Wouldn't that fit better an "Author's Issues"? It wouldn't remain "a recommendation request" for long, as I can see readers asking for story changes before long. If it's authors asking for ideas, it's an "Authors' Issues", if it's readers offering their own ideas ("please change this nice romantic comedy to a scary story about aliens with tentacles"), it would be under "Story Ideas".

But, if there's one thing I've noted on the GG site, NO author seems inclined to run with someone else's story idea (the common reframe is "if you like the idea, write it yourself").

Replies:   Judasunchained

@Crumbly Writer

I don't think I explained it right. When I say reading recommendation, I mean 'please recommend me some stories' recs for readers not reader advice to writers.

Say BobX likes BDSM stores with happy love endings. He would post a thread which said "Hi Everyone. Just finished reading . Can anyone recommend more like that? I really like BDSM but it has to have a happy ending and I prefer caring BDSM to the brutal kind. Incest okay but no water sports."

Our crack community would then jump into action and use their encyclopaedic knowledge of internet erotic to locate stories which BobX might want to read, based upon his stated tastes.

Crumbly Writer

Thanks, Judas. Now that you explained it, I agree. That makes sense. The "Lost Stories" category seems to be exploding, probably because readers aren't overwhelmed by the highly detailed and specific arguments between authors. I can see that one succeeding as well for like reasons.

Even though it's usually the authors who answer the 'lost stories' category, it's nice for readers to have a less detailed environment when they're simply looking for information.

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