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Complete Stories --> Recent Top Serials link incorrect?



The Recent Top Serials link is "https://storiesonline.net/list/10/top-50-complete-serials-by-rating-in-the-last-30-days" I think it should be "https://storiesonline.net/list/4/top-50-complete-serials-by-rating-in-the-last-30-days"

At least changing the 10 to a 4 seems to bring up the correct link.

Best Regards


p.s. wrote too soon...4 brings up the "Recent Top Stories" link

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)


Fixed the issue.

I had regressed the script when I made some changes to accommodate Finestories (in the ongoing endeavour to use the exact same code for both sites).

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