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Fine Stories Problem


I'm not sure if this is the right place for this. Has Finestories been moved or shut down? For the last week or so every time I try to access Finestories.com, whether by favorites or the SOL link, I get an error message. It say that Firefox has detected that the request has been improperly redirected. Is this a bug in the new Firefox?

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)


You got a stuck cookie.

Clear finestories' cookies from firefox and log in.


OK Thanks


OK, I looked up how to clear cookies in Firefox but Firefox said it had no cookies for Finestories. About 2/3's of the listed cookies were of obvious origin but the rest were named pretty obscurely. Any other hints?

Ernest Bywater

May I suggest you just clear all the cookies in Firefox and see what happens.

Or try another browser and see how Finestories responds.


I'm running Firefox Quantum 57.0.3 and went straight in by typing in the address. I normally use IE just for SOL - the Home page link worked perfectly.

Sounds like you need to clear your cookies - I find it useful to do this from time to time as a matter of course.


If you don't want to clear ALL cookies (which amongst other things, loses most/all of your persistent logins and many sites' preferences), try creating a new profile (a new user, in effect) to check with. This prevents the cookies you have from loading/being used, but doesn't delete them,; to get back to where you are now just delete the new profile.

Crumbly Writer

I suspect the cookies aren't labeled as "SOL" or "FS", but by Lazeez's corporate name, which I can't remember at the moment (it's the one that gets billed when you purchase a membership). Ask him and he should be able to tell you which individual cookie to delete.

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)

@Crumbly Writer

I suspect the cookies aren't labeled as "SOL" or "FS",

Cookies are usually labelled by the site's domain. So it'll be 'storiesonline.net' and 'finestories.com'

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