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Sync not working


When I entered the forums today, I saw that things were showing as not read that I had already read; not everything, the older stuff still showed as having been read.

This was strange, not what happens if cookies are deleted, then everything shows as not read.

Tried to retrieve from sync, got a messsage "no data yet"; since I'm using several computers, I _always_ sync my read.

So I went and read a bunch that I'd already read, and aome new, hit sync read to server, was told that it had been saved, then hit get read, and was told no data yet.

Something is not working properly.

Capt. Zapp


Tried to retrieve from sync, got a messsage "no data yet"...

I've had this happen in the past as well, but it usually reads if I let it sit for a bit, but I always blamed it on my slow internet.


Very strange getas stranger.

Synced after posting the bug report. Then tried sync from server, and this time it worked.

Went back to the main forum menu, hit sync from server, and was told no data yet. Hit sync read, then tried get read, and this time it worked.

I know that I have synced to server from the main forum previously. So there should have been data saved from prior syncs.

I only have the one SOL account; I'm premier, there is no benefit having multiple accounts to spoof the number of daily reads. I only a couple of times ever hit tha limit of daily reads before I went Premier, as it is. So it's alll one account, no room for confusion.

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)


Syncing is done via javascript.

While viewing any page in the forum, hold down the shift key on your keyboard and click reload on your browser window to force reload the site's scripts.

I haven't changed any code and testing this from my end shows everything is working as expected.

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