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Problem with Feedback Message box


I was sending a feedback message to an author. Everything seemed okay until I switched to the Full Size screen.

1. The text area expanded to beyond the right edge of the screen and there was no horizontal scroll bar.

2. The Shrink and Cancel buttons were not visible.

3. In Full Screen mode, I normally can't see the story text. This time the story text was visible and when I scrolled the message text using my mouse's scroll wheel, the story text scrolled also.

4. The Send button was visible outside the message boxes border and over the story text. I clicked the button and the message appears to have been sent.

I tried to create a feedback message for a different story. When the feedback message screen appeared:

There was no Cancel button. Everything else looked good. It may not have been there on the prior attempt.

When I went to Full Screen mode, the right edge of the message box was on the screen, but there was no Cancel button and story text was visible. Both the message text and story text scrolled using the mouse scroll wheel, but using the scroll bar only the message text scrolled.

When I go to Full Screen mode on this message box, I cannot scroll to the bottom of the screen using my mouse or the scroll bars.

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