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E-mail Notification of Successful Submission

awnlee jawking

I would appreciate an addition to the submission wizard, an optional tickbox for e-mail notification when a submission has been successfully added to the site.

For new submissions it's mostly redundant because the new story or chapter should appear on the 'New Stories' or 'Updates' pages. I envisage it being particularly useful for submissions in which a story or a chapter has been revised.


Ernest Bywater

It's simple to just check your list of submissions. Refresh the screen and it's not there when it's been approved.

Replies:   awnlee jawking
awnlee jawking

@Ernest Bywater

I submitted a new chapter of 'Gay!' about a month ago. I saw it on the 'Submissions in Posting Queue' page. Some time later I checked again and it was no longer there. I waited an hour or so but the new chapter didn't appear on the site. I sent admin an e-mail and was told to resubmit the chapter. It went through okay the second time.

I suspect there's a manual element to processing submissions and it's not mistake-proof. An automated e-mail confirmation when a submission actually hits the site would be a useful confirmation that it hasn't got lost, especially when it's something less obvious like a resubmission.


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