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My anti-virus says that it blocked something from this site. Might want to check that.

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)


Your anti-virus is wrong.

Replies:   PeckingChicken
Crumbly Writer


My anti-virus says that it blocked something from this site. Might want to check that.

It's likely flagging it as a 'potential virus site', simply based on the fact that it's flagged as being 'an adult website' with download potential, and nothing more.

Sometimes AV programs are so frustration you really want to rip them out and throw them all away!



There are two possibles causes:

1 A false positive, just another antivirus bug...

2 You are in fact infected. A trojan acting as a proxy is modifying webpage you visit on the fly to insert ads. The code he inject is then flaged by your antivirus, The antivirus failed to block the primary infection.

You may want to scan your system with another antimalware. I suggest or Malwarebytes

But take a backup of your browser settings (favorites , passwords, history, etc.) first as the antivirus may corrupt your browser profile.

Which antivirus are you using?

Replies:   Switch Blayde
Switch Blayde


There are two possibles causes:

A 3rd?

When I had a PC, I sometimes ran SuperAntiSpyware. It found viruses Security Essentials didn't, but also flagged many cookies it believed to be tracking cookies as potential problems. Many of them were perfectly fine, like the ones from my bank. I don't remember it flagging the SOL cookies, though.


SOL's cookies are pretty basic, if something rejects them it'll reject pretty much anything.


@Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)

Just looked in my reports that Kaspersky spits out (other than sharing my Spotify list with the Kremlin it's pretty good), SOL has no issues. No bad certificates, no squirrley js scripts trying to install anything and no redirects. A pretty safe place (other than the content ifyou are at work).

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