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Category exclusion preferences does not seem to work


It displays "Stories Excluded by your Selection: 0" no matter what I select

Ernest Bywater

My understanding is the Category Exclusion Setting only works by excluding the Categories you have selected in the Preferences for Categories Exclusion Site-wide when you have categories set in that Premier Membership service along with the searches to apply it to, and then you run a search of some sort where you have it set to apply to.

If it isn't set to apply to a particular type of search in the top box of the settings page, or there are no stories to be excluded by your settings, you will get a 0 as the number of stories excluded - because none were excluded.

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)


I checked your preferences and everything is working as expected. How many stories are you seeing in the Updates page?


Thanks it's working ok now, I think there was just a short delay in the settings taking effect

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