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Formatting issue


For some reason, the formatting of chapter 125 of Jay Cantell's "Learning Curves" https://storiesonline.net/s/15372:192237 is not working correctly. This also is the case in chapter 89 page 4 of Tefler's "Three Square Meals."

When going to the page or reloading it what shows up for me (and a few others according to their comments) is a narrow band of text - perhaps a third of the screen wide.

I can get it to show normally by resetting the theme, but it does not keep that setting.

It seems to affect only the chapter (or page of a chapter) that includes comments.

The pages affected seem to not have a link back to "My Library".

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I see the same using Firefox 55.0.3.

Replies:   PeckingChicken
Switch Blayde


It displays fine on my laptop. The text page (white part) is around 6 inches wide with 2 1/2 inches of margin (in blue) on both sides (on my 15" screen). I'm using Safari on a Mac.



The formatting difference is slight but visible on the mobile version. As well, the scroll flyout is visible on both the desktop and mobile page.

Is the comment screen enforcing the default view? Perhaps that's why one user sees no difference while another (who has customized their standard view) does.

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I also use Firefox 55.0.3.

I use custom settings with text width 95$ centered on the page.

Per the comments on the Learning Curves page, several other people have that issue today.


Hi having a problem with display format also. My default option is blue blackground with full screen. However two stories I have read today (Lumpy: "Whate lies ahead"; and G.Younger: "Junior Year PartII") have a white background with the page width about half my screen size.
Has there beeen a change somewhere?


I am also using Firefox 55.0.3

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