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Strange link - Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?


as of 16:30 on the 25.8.2017 local time I'm redirected to a link looking like this https://storiesonline.net/sol-secure/login.php?page=/library/get_review.php?id=16060 if I click on an link in my rss reader. After I log-in with my SOL credentials I get to a SOL subcription page asking how I wnat to pay or cancel. After hiting cancel I'm re-directed to the normal SOL homepage. The link https://storiesonline.net generated by HTTPS Everywhere sends me directly to https://storiesonline.net. Marked as an unsave conection by firefox because it not being a https- conection.
What am I doing wrong?

Ernest Bywater

for a while there was a significant redirect bug, and I think that's what caught you. It looks like it's been fixed.

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