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Is Forum Read Sync Working?

Geek of Ages

It's possible that I'm using the sync links at the bottom wrong, but it would be nice to keep my phone and laptop in sync with what parts of the forum I've read or not.

Currently, even if on my phone I hit "Sync Read to Server" and then on my laptop hit "Get Read from Server", I just get a [No Data Yet] message.

Is the feature still under development, or is this a bug, or am I just misunderstanding it?

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)

@Geek of Ages

Is the feature still under development, or is this a bug, or am I just misunderstanding it?

No, you're using it correctly. It's not under development. It has been fully debugged and works as expected.

However, this feature relies heavily on the browser javascript engine and the browser's support of 'local storage' to work correctly. So it really depends on your phone and on your laptop's browser.

On my iphone and my Macs it works exactly as it should. It also works on the android phone that I have (latest version) and it works correctly in desktop firefox and desktop chrome.

So, if it never worked for you, then one your devices doesn't handle the javascripts and local storage correctly.

I'm not really versed in every device's quirks, so I may not be able to fix it and make it work on your devices.

Replies:   Geek of Ages
Geek of Ages

@Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)

Alrighty, I'll see what I can dig up. That's what I get for using non-standard browsers, I suppose!

Thanks for the quick response

Ernest Bywater

I'm using FireFox and Chrome on Linux and FireFox on an Android tablet, and it works perfectly on all of them for me. I did have an issue at one point when my son set up Chrome for me, but it was quickly resolved when he made a change to how the browser handled the scripts. I'm not sure if that was needed for a default install of Chrome or due to one of the anti-ad plug-ins he installed needed an adjustment.

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