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So it's not really a bug, but I wanted to upgrade my account to a premium one. I'm leaving on a trip and I wanted to download The Defenceman, but you need to be premium. I don't want to pay with my card, I have money on my PayPal account that I use for internet purchases, but the option just isn't available...
So, my question is as follows: Is there anyway I could wire the money to the webmaster through PayPal directly and get an account upgrade ?

Ernest Bywater

use the webmaster link on the home page and ask him directly. The issue with PayPal is the PayPal management refuse to deal with businesses like SoL. You need to check these two pages, too.



Crumbly Writer

While you're at it, ask Lazeez if he'll accept 3rd party payments. I've got a PayPal account, tied to my bank account based credit card, so if you paid me (contact me privately and I'll tell you which email address to use), and I can pay with a credit card. Only Lazeez will have to credit you, rather than my account for the payment.

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater

@Crumbly Writer

Only Lazeez will have to credit you, rather than my account for the payment.

He has a system where you can pay for a Premier membership for another person, but you need to tell him by email so he can direct it to the correct account.

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