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e-mail bug


I tried to send a bug question to webmaster & the help link and my message was not allowed to be sent because I needed to enter a valid e-mail addy. I entered the same one I have used for 13 years and that is listed in my account info. Bummer!

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)


I haven't changed the webmaster contact page since almost forever. So I can't tell you what the problem could be.

My email address is still the same so you can contact me directly if you wish, or you can post your question here.

Ernest Bywater

How fresh was the SoL cookie in your system when you tried to send the message. I've had the odd such message bork on me, but a refresh of the page and the cookie fixed it and it sent OK on the 2nd time around. I figured it was an issue with my browser having a stale cookie, or something similar.

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