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Thread layout in the forum

Ernest Bywater

Just checking one of the bigger threads, and although the system places the reply immediately under the post it's replying to, it doesn't indent any of the posts or sub-threads, thus making it a bit harder to see what's happening.

I'm used to either the way the Newsgroups worked or how places like GG worked. With GG all the posts are in chronological order and you simply read the bottom posts, it works as most have the post it relates to quoted in it. With the newsgroups they indent each post level, thus the posts created a clear hierarchy you can visually follow to see where each new sub-thread or sub-sub-thread starts and ends. Because posts are chronological within the sub-thread it replies to you often have a 'new' reply set in the middle because it's a response to the post just above.

What this does is a sort of mix of both but doesn't show the hierarchy, thus it's extremely easy to miss a reply because it's in the middle of the thread. Not nice and hard to follow.


Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)

@Ernest Bywater

Actually, no. So far the system is sorted in chronological order. However, you're seeing messages from the same couple of people mixed up.

If you click the '@user' link you go to the post being replied to, if you click any of the user names in the 'replies' grey line, you jump to the reply.

But they're all sorted chronologically so far.

I haven't made up my mind yet whether I want to do post nesting or not.

Replies:   Crumbly Writer

On forums that let you switch between the flat (chronological) and hierarchical (nested according to direct replies) views, I always stick with flat.

Also, when a thread really gets going people often quote and respond to multiple posts within a single reply, which pretty much breaks the hierarchical view.

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater


Earlier, in another thread, I posted a reply to a message that wasn't the last message in the thread. When the system accepted it it showed immediately below the message I replied to, but not indented. So I started this thread and commented about. Some hours later when I reviewed the thread again, my reply had moved to the bottom of the list. What I suspect happened was the immediate response placed it below the post I was replying to, thus my concern about indents etc. However, when I later opened that thread again the posts were in chronological order - as stated by Lazeez. 'Twas a little confusing at first, but OK once I realised what happened and why.

Replies:   Switch Blayde
Crumbly Writer

@Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)

I haven't made up my mind yet whether I want to do post nesting or not.

I can't see an indented reply mechanism, as that's usually used to reply on a message board, where you want to respond to only a specific message. On the SOL GG's forum, you got dozens of people replying to various issues in the same thread. Heck, even on this new forum, I've responded to multiple people in the same post (I get criticized whenever I post multiple replies in the same thread (i.e. when I post 2 or 3 replies one after another)).


Is there a way to find post that you have made? I think the other one would let you find all of your recent posts. If not, it would still be nice to have.

Rets Nimle

I'll throw my vote behind the chronological style.

Switch Blayde

@Ernest Bywater

Some hours later when I reviewed the thread again,

After replying, did you hit the Refresh button?

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater

@Switch Blayde

Switch, that event happened very early in the test phase and I'm not sure if the Refresh,/i> button was an option or obvious at that time, but I don't think it was yet. Doesn't matter, the system works as it works now.

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