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Refresh causes a problem

Switch Blayde

I access the forum through "All Threads by Date." When I'm done reading the posts for a thread, I click on the "All Threads by Date" link at the top to bring me back to the list of threads.

But if I reply to a post and hit the "Refresh," the "All Threads by Date" link at the top doesn't show. The one that shows is the one I'm responding to.

Can you remember that I came in via the "All Threads by Date" and always have a link to it at the top?

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater

@Switch Blayde

I could be wrong Switch, but I think you're getting hit by the standard browser behaviour of going to the previous page. I also visit by the All Thread by Date but I open each post in a new window, so the original one stays there. However, the Refresh does reload the post page I was just on and replied to; which is standard browser behaviour - you may be able to set it to do something different in the browser settings.

Replies:   Switch Blayde
Switch Blayde

@Ernest Bywater

The "Refresh" I'm referring to isn't the browser refresh. It's the one the forum software provides.

If I hit the browser back button it shows the "All Threads by Date" link again.

Dominions Son

@Switch Blayde

I reported this bug as well, though I hadn't realized it was the refresh doing it.

Lazeez said that there isn't much he can do about it.


Ernest Bywater

@Switch Blayde

Any Refresh command generally refreshes the page you're on. Common ones are the F5 button and the little circle arrow in the URL box. I've never heard of a refresh command taking you back to the previous page, the back command usually does that.

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