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highlighting conclusion


Why don't you highlight in yellow when a story is concluded the way you do on an update, since the conclusion is an update - just the last one?


I prefer the current system, the yellow stripe indicates its not a story I should read because it isn't finished. The broader yellow stripe of shame, when it has been unfinished for a year or more is even more indication not to read that story.

I break the rule given above once in a while for reasons involving the subject of the story or the author's reputation with me, or maybe its score given by other readers. Perhaps someone has recommended it. The reason I read all stories is that I have time, and I haven't used up my 16 stories yet today, and there is something interesting about the story. Within limits, longer is better, when deciding on what to read. If it turns out to be a good story, my enjoyment continues longer than if it were a short story.

There is a listing of 50 stories recently concluded in the last 30 days accessible from the home page. One for serials and one for other stories. That should serve you as well as a special color to identify newly completed stories. If you want to see if a story on the home page has just concluded, read through the story entry. If I can tell, I bet nearly everyone can.

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