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system fails to remember log in


I'm guessing its been 6 months since the system has remembered my log in. I visit 5 or more times a week, always tell the system to remember my log in info and it never does. It often does not remember while moving from one story to another. I have not changed my security level on my computer and do allow cookies

Ernest Bywater


the remembering of the cookies is to do with your local computer system, not the SoL system. You may need to clear out old cookies from your system, and to check your computer's security settings in detail.

One person I know kept bitching about the system not remembering the log-in cookies, but he was angry when I pointed out the problem was he used the "Private browsing' option in his system that deleted all that information when he closed the browser.



I agree that the problem is Cookies.
What browser are you using? If it is from Mozilla then you should check your "permissions" for the site, you might be dropping them at the end of the session.

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