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RFE: subscribe to author

Harold Wilson

I have a few favorite authors. Some of them (not necessarily all) I'd like to have all their new works automatically added to My Library.

I think this could be in the Add to Library (aka +Fav) page. Add a checkbox for "put all new stories in library?" somewhere in there.

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)

@Harold Wilson

I'll put this on my ever growing features to-do list. Although, no promises on execution. This feature is fairly complicated and would require major work to implement.

Ernest Bywater

I check my Favorite Authors page several times a day, and it highlights in yellow in the New Story column when an author posts a new story, and in the Last Update column when they post a re new chapter. I can click on that an go direct to the new story or update to add it to my Library if I want to. Thus, with a very little effort by me I get the same result you're asking for. Try the process and see how you go.


I also use the Favorite Authors page to look for new updates. I have 70 authors saved as favorites, and I use the "Hide not updated" button to see whenever any of them update stories or their blogs.

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