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Possible bug in Sort orders on My Library - All Bookmarks.

Dominions Son

When I first click on the My Library link, the All bookmarks list comes up in an unknown order (Doesn't appear to match any of the displayed columns).

You can resort by certain columns by clicking the sort order, and reverse the order by clicking it a second time.

All of the sortable columns, except for Story Name, give you the same order first whether you are in the default order or if you have already sorted by a different column.

For Story Name, you get Descending first if it's currently the default sort and ascending first if you have already resorted on a different column.

Replies:   Dominions Son
Dominions Son

@Dominions Son

Noticed the preferences link at the top of the My Library page.

The preferences showed Story name when I checked, but the story list wasn't coming up either ascending or descending by story name.

I set the story list order to date book marked and then back to story name and it's coming up in ascending order by story name now.

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