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Voting with an IPad


I have found that I cannot vote for a story with my Ipad. I get a rejection every time.
With my LENOVO, there is never a problem even with the same story.

Ernest Bywater


The voting is a script related activity and utilizes the SOL cookies, so it sounds to me like the iPad may not be processing the scripts properly or having an issue with the cookies. I'd check the system's settings for handling scripts an cookies to see if there's an issue there.

Crumbly Writer

As always, contact Lazeez. He usually checks issues addressed to him in the Forum, but direct access is usually faster.

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)


It works fine on my iPad, so it's not a general problem with iPads.

It sounds like a failed/stuck script. Try clearing the site's data from your iPad, then reload the story's page.

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