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Download count discrepancy


I know that the first chapter gets an inflated count, but I'm puzzled about something that I often see. When I upload more than one chapter, not infrequently, there are more downloads for the last than the first chapter.

This might make sense if people just go for the last chapter posted, but doesn't seem likely if they pick up with what they last read. Any thoughts why this is?

Chapter 14: The Passions of Lyndon Baines Johnson 36 1.00 52

Chapter 15: The Pleasures of John Fitzgerald Kennedy 28 1.00 63

Replies:   Gauthier

Too small of a sample size, could be people who read the first few chapters then skipped to the end to vote on it early/often. Could also be there are some people with a JFK fetish, and the search engine landed them on that chapter directly.



Could be tied to the way download are counted:
each visitor can only increment the total download count by one every day.
Does the sum of chapter download reflect the total download count?

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