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Multiracial as code?

Ava G

In my current story, I have a character who identifies as mixed white/Asian. She will be participating in some scenes in the future. However, in the interracial category, all the codes seem to refer to people with one racial/ethnic identity.

Could there be a tag for multiracial characters added to the list? If not, how should I tag acts with this characters?

Replies:   Dominions Son
Dominions Son

@Ava G

The general consensus among authors seems to be that the interracial tags should be limited to stereotypical couplings that might offend some people or attract others.

My own view is for tagging race where the above applies or if the race of the character is critical to the plot. If it's just for rounding out the character development leave it off.

There are too many possibilities for different types of mixed ancestry for a generic multiracial tag to be useful.

Replies:   Ava G
Ernest Bywater

From the code definitions:


Interracial - Sexual partners of different races

Most people see this as being for stories where the interracial stereo types of sexual contact occur, mostly where the racial aspect is meant to add a sexual spice to the story.

Ava G

@Dominions Son

@Dominions Son

Thank you for the clarification.

Crumbly Writer

Generally, whenever I add a little genetic/ethnic diversity to my stories, I don't list it. If it's sexual (i.e. FF or MM) then I will, but I'll only use the racial codes when it's a "BBM" or a diminutive, submission Asian stereotype. Otherwise, there's no point is labeling the story. The labeling only implies "stereotypical sexual imagery with little redeemming social value".

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