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Errors While Listing Authors/Searching/Advanced Searching


I'm getting new 404 error messages on a variety of different SOL pages - some alphabetical author lists, search results from both search and advanced search functions, as well as trying to send a message to the webmaster. Everything was working fine a couple of hours ago.

In addition (perhaps related, perhaps not), I'm getting another warning message on various pages announcing that javascript has been turned off for the site, and warning of a loss of functionality.



404 Error messages have gone away, and things appear to be back to normal.

I'm not sure if this was a false alarm or merely a prank of the Netghods, but it's OK now.


Replies:   awnlee jawking
awnlee jawking


Them Netghods are dastardly cunning. Clicking 'Bottom' on the 'Jokes & Giggles' index page took me back to the SOL home page this afternoon (UK time) but it's behaving correctly now. Someone must have made a sacrifice to them :)


Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater

@awnlee jawking

Someone must have made a sacrifice to them :)

Not needed, they're just capricious.

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