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Nile cruiser holiday


This part is true:I took my wife and her mother on holiday for a Nile cruise. During the holiday we were taken on tour to a remote village, whilst touring the village my wife and her mother were taken short they desperately needed to use the toilet, they were taken to a corrugated hut with a curtain across its entrance where within instead of being a lavatory pan was a wooden platform with several holes cut in it with each one covered by some matting, about 6 I think along its length. They were instructed to remove the matting and squat over a hole each by a young girl who had accompanied them to this stone age poop house to do their business. Their embarrassment was of course deep but the flies that settled along their cracks feeding off their pee and poop threw them into hysterics. They ended up wiping themselves on their knickers and putting the soiled knickers into their handbags and got out of there as quick as they could. However some of the swarm still followed them lodging underneath their dresses and causing them to wave their arms about and even more embarrassment and red faces, and snickers and lewd remarks from watching villagers.
I would like my story to be based on this incident but carried on where they my wife and her mother would be taken by the elders of the village, but not only my wife and her mother who were and are teachers but also the rest of the females on the tour, from several young ladies, two of them just 16 or so, several middle aged women, and two 60 year old's. From the village gang bang they all learned to love and adore the BBC, Once back on board they carried on with the crew when they returned to the cruiser; and when they returned home the taste for the BBC had been established and they slavered for more.


British Broadcasting Company?

Replies:   paulandruth


Corporation old boy Corporation not Company. So no B.ritish B.roadcastingt C.orporation reporter around in the village to report on the situation my wife and her mother found themselves in, but plenty of the B.ig B.lack C.ock (BBC).I think perhaps if we had been just a family group alone we might not have escaped Scot free, or at least my wife and her mother may not, the village men might have lost their heads over two vulnerable white women, who knows? If anyone has any ideas about fleshing out this happening into a story worthy of publishing on this site, I could give them more details about the other people on the tour their ages marital status shapes etc. But thanks tppm for bothering to reply.

Replies:   richardshagrin


I think perhaps if we had been just a family group alone we might not have escaped Scot free

Was there someone from Scotland in the village who assisted them?

What is the difference between being Scot free and just plain free? Is it something about Scots being careful with money that indicates payment for the freedom is required? Or are Scots more free than others? Would there be a difference between being English free or British free?

Replies:   paulandruth


Oh come on richard, unless you come from Timbuktu you should know that getting off 'Scott Free" means 'escaping from a situation without paying a dire consequence'. I would however like to read your take on the potential of the situation as presented as a good erotic story

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