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The Lone Ranger Q&A


I asked the wisest author I know questions about this character: His reply and my questions are reproduced below so they won't be lost forever.

Indeed, Richard, a lot of life's questions are like that. These days, when someone gives me instructions and then asks "Do you have any questions?" my stock answer is: "Yes ... what's the meaning of life?"

As for your questions:

Remember, it was a white man who thought up Tonto's name. That was back when there were no technical advisors. I suspect this white man simply used the name he was constantly addressed by, concerning his Mexican housemaid or gardener. He probably thought it was an exotic name for "Most wise."

He didn't have a brother who worked in a bank, as obvious as that might sound. Instead, he was the guy all the other rangers refused to work with. His name was Percy and he liked men, if you know what I mean. So nobody would accept an assignment with him. That's also why he wore a mask. Word got around in those days about guys with limp wrists and he was afraid some settler would recognize him and beat his ass. There are those who will argue about this, but remember. He never kissed a woman and whenever a woman was exceptionally grateful to him, he always rode away. To sleep with Tonto.

Sliver wasn't FROM Ohio. That was his first name. Silver was his last name. He was the only horse in the west that had a first and last name. One of his ancestors carried on the tradition by being known as Mister Ed.

I hope that clears up some important issues for you.

Thanks for reading.

On Sat, Aug 23, 2014 at 7:05 AM, Richard Shagrin wrote:

Message from: Richard Shagrin Reply Re: Bits and pieces
Posted : 2014-08-23 - 1:07 am

I don't know anyone else I could ask these
questions. Your previous questioner was a young
man. I am nearly 70 (in November) and not nearly
as concerned about sex as I am about the Lone
Ranger. The old radio and TV show I haven't seen
in years.

Why did they name the Indian "tonto"? It means
stupid or a fool in Spanish.

Did the lone ranger have a brother that worked in
a bank as a loan officer, a loan arranger?

His horse, Silver, was from Ohio, which is why
when he rode off he exclaimed Ohio, Silver. Lots
of people heard hiyo but that isn't a word.

Thank you for your help, I don't know if there are
any satisfactory answers, but a lot of life's
questions are like that.

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I hope that Bob meant that Mr. Ed was one of Silver's descendants rather than one of his ancestors, some time travel would have been required otherwise (both in the fictional (Silver - late 19th century; Mr. Ed mid 20th century) and the real (Silver - 1930s; Mr. Ed - 1950s) world ).

Replies:   Dominions Son
Dominions Son


Silver - 1930s; Mr. Ed - 1950s) world ).

Horses can live for up to 30 years and are full grown and sexually mature in just 2 years, so the 20 year gap between Lone Ranger and Mr Ed, would not categorically preclude the horse used to portray Mr Ed being the parent of the horse used to portray Silver.

It is however highly unlikely for other reasons.

1. I am pretty sure the two horses are different breeds. That would preclude a direct relationship in either direction.

2. Both real horses were likely either geldings or mares. Stallions are much harder to work with, and would be nearly impossible to handle if there were mares in season on the set.

Switch Blayde

You never hear about it, but the Lone Ranger killed Tonto. Why? He found out what Kemosahbee really meant.


Q. What is the definition of an intellectual?

A. A person who can listen to the William Tell Overture - without thinking of The Lone Ranger.

Crumbly Writer


Q. What is the definition of an intellectual?

A. A person who can listen to the William Tell Overture - without thinking of The Lone Ranger.

Q. What is the definition of an intellectual?

A. A person who can stay on topic without wandering off into left field on unrelated topics.

P.S. I'm as guilty about this as anyone.

Ernest Bywater


Q. What is the definition of an intellectual?

A. A person who can listen to the William Tell Overture - without thinking of The Lone Ranger.

That just shows they weren't near a TV set showing US shows at a certain period in time.

Replies:   richardshagrin

@Ernest Bywater

You are really not an intellectual if you remember the star was Clayton Moore and Tonto was Jay Silverheels.

Ernest Bywater

I like reading unusual newspaper reports. One of the best was from the UK. I guy in a Rolls Royce was booked for doing over 170 mph on a country lane. When the magistrate asked why he was going so fast, he said, "Suffice to say, Your Honour, one shouldn't tap your foot on the accelerator to the rhythm of the music whilst listening to classical music like the William Tell Overture and the Flight of the Bumblebee.

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@Ernest Bywater

From personal experience, "Ride of the Valkyries" should be added to the list of speeding ticket producers.

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