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Can you eat dinner sitting at a Vege table? If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?

IMHO and its very humble, we need more stories with word play and puns. Other forums have amusing notes like we ship cargo by truck, and send it by ship. And the note about boarding a plane and planeing a board.

It might be hard to plan an entire story, even a flash story on one or more of these kind of contortions of the English Language, but putting them in one would increase its entertainment value.



Most of the occasions I have seen attempts to use puns or word play have been failures, usually because the author appears to be trying too hard. It works when used occasionally - Shakespeare used it for laughs - and I have seen it in some of the farces written in the middle of the last century, but the only modern day authors I can recall who seem to be able to carry that style were/are Terry Pratchett and Piers Anthony in his Xanth series.

Ernest Bywater


You should read some of my short stories, like these:



Ernest Bywater


Although I have a reputation as a pernicious purveyor of puny poor puns, I do try to limit them in stories.

Dominions Son


Vegetables aren't food, vegetables are what food eats.

I tried a vegetarian diet once. It didn't work out. I discovered that vegetarians are faster than cows. :)

If the opposite of con is pro, what is the opposite of Congress?



Try reading some of Piers Anthony's books.

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I read the first dozen or so. I can't say why I didn't read any after that. Some of the plots seemed a little repetitive. The puns were good, though. I think he takes suggestions from his fans.

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