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Father Suspects Daughter's Awakening


A man has a healthy relationship with his teenaged daughter. She's at an age where their relationship has characteristics of a friendship as he starts to treat her like an adult. Throughout the story, her male friends visit her at home, his friends and co-workers visit for a game or bbq or pool party, etc. He knows his daughter is attractive to men but he doesn't worry because he believes his daughter to be someone who wouldn't engage with a man sexually outside of a relationship. As in, he's not naïve that his daughter isn't sexual, but he thinks she limits her activities within the confines of a relationship with a boy. He starts to see signs that may be misread, that she may or may not be fooling around with some of the men they know. He sees an accidental touch here and there, some "harmless" flirting but nothing to worry about. And, as they are quite close, she often talks to him about this and that and he'll ask "what was that about" or "what happened after I went to bed." And she'll tell him an innocent story with a few innuendoes, almost confessing. He starts to suspect that more is going on in her stories but puts it out of his mind as it must just be his perverse imagination.

Eventually, he really starts to grow curious and anxious as he accidentally finds images or hears a story from a co-worker, all that can be explained away...but there's too many to be a coincidence. Is his daughter flirting with grown men? Are they really talking about such subjects in a perverse way? Are they touching her? Fondling her? How much of it is harmless playfulness and how often does it go further than it's supposed to?

She starts to confess to more but insists it's harmless, almost as if she is naïve to what these men meant when they said something uncouth. Or when they did something while drunk or jokingly. To her, certain deeds or activities "don't count" if it's under "x" circumstances.

I had this idea while reading some cuckold type stories where the boyfriend suspects his girl and she always has an explanation as to why what he heard or saw wasn't as bad as it may have been perceived. In this story, I don't want incest but I like the idea of a father being oblivious at first, then suspecting, then getting frustrated and anxious over the fact that his daughter is more adventurous than he raised her to be.

I have never found any story like this and would love to.

Crumbly Writer

While an interesting premise, I have no clue how one might 'resolve' such a story: have the father assault her, have her 'come on' to the father, have the father 'arrange' to slid in under her exemptions, blow up and toss her on the street or have him walk in one something with his 'friends' and they all end up gang banging his daughter.

In short, it's not a story with a coherent conflict, merely an interesting twist to an ongoing existing story. I'm not even sure it would make a workable short story.

I'm not criticizing you, just pointing out one reason you aren't seeing more stories along this theme.

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