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A guy in his early twenties or very late teens is living with his Step-Sister and they're having sex. She doesn't show much if any emotion while having sex. He begins to think that he's not very good in bed. And that his Step-Sister is just having sex with him out of pitty. When the oportunity to have sex comes along with someone who is not part of the family he initially turns it down because he's still unsure of himself.

Eventually he's talked into having sex with that other person. And she thinks he's great. And she wants more. Not believing her he talks to his Step-Sister. He finds out that she's not the kind of person to show emotion during sex and that she actually really enjoys his sex and she is actually pregnant by him.

The other girl may be pregnant by him too.

Or there is no pregnancy and the guy just gets to be with one or both girls.

Replies:   Crumbly Writer
Crumbly Writer


The number of regular 'pregnancy' authors isn't that broad, so that should limit the search somewhat. While many introduce pregnancy as a story component, few focus on it as a 'requirement' for their stories.


The one thing I don't like about stories that are labeled pregnancy is when all we see is the girl thinking I hope I do or don't get pregnant. Oh no he came in me now I'm pregnant. And sometimes it is confirmed in the last scene of the story that she is pregnant. Sure reading the part of the baby making can be fun at times but if that's all then the story should just be labeled impregnation. But only if the pregnancy is confirmed and not the characters wondering if it happened.

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