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A Story about Crew (rowing)


The story should explain why students who row should take Latin so they can be a better rowman.

awnlee jawking


And each student should wear a fluorescent jacket so they can be a rowman in the glowman.



I thought the rowman empire was dead?

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Dominions Son


It's just sleeping.


Artie wrote a story called "Row" (the filenames were row2.html / row2.pdf) back in 2004 and put it up on AssTr. He deleted it along with the rest of his work several years later but you may be able to find it via the Wayback machine or any other place where his body of work was mirrored.
No Latin in it though.
Don't Mess with Crew!

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StarFleet Carl


students who row

Wouldn't that also be about mutual masturbation, since there's someone (the cocks swain - I know that's not how it's spelled, but you started this) always yelling out 'Stroke, stroke, stroke ...)

Ernest Bywater

Of course, they all need to use the same hairdresser to make sure they get the right crew cut.



you may be able to find it via the Wayback machine

I've seen Wayback machine referenced several times. What is it? Where is it?

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StarFleet Carl


Wayback machine

Originally the term came from a cartoon. Mister Peabody and Sherman were a feature on the Rocky & Bullwinkle show in the 50's and 60's. In order for Mister Peabody to teach Sherman history, he invented the WABAC time machine.

Now the term is from the Internet Archive. 345 Billion (or so) web pages stored since 2001.

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