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Nickerson Marina


I visit this marina fairly frequently, the gamer group Metropolitan Seattle Gamers has a location there where we play games. I was looking at the name and think there might be a story about a landlord requiring tenants and visitors to wear underwear while on the premises. It is Nickers on Marina.

Replies:   awnlee jawking
awnlee jawking


It is Nickers on Marina.

This is SOL. The readers want the knickers off Marina ;)


StarFleet Carl

@awnlee jawking

The readers want the knickers off Marina

Marina did a few nude scenes, so we've seen her boobs!


@awnlee jawking

He wants it publishing on Finestories ;-)

Replies:   joyR


He wants it publishing on Finestories ;-)

Just because it's posted to Finestories does not mean she is wearing knickers, it just means that nothing is mentioned. Any reader with imagination can dress most characters as they wish.

Crumbly Writer

Nothing says that, if the start in knickers, that the knickers stay on.

Isn't the premise of most nudist camp stories that teens can't resist going to the next stage. Start with knickers, move to quick peeks, advannce to removing the knickers one at a time (all the while being watchful not to get caught) to full-on sex with each other (all while pretending everything is innocent).

Still, it sounds like a watered-down nudist colony story which adds nothing new besides boats.

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