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Been thinking up a story that i would like to read but probably doesn't exist, if it does exist let me know. Anyways here's the main rundown of the story.

Its a dark fantasy, anti-hero, supernatural, romance, story that revolves around the main character (who's only 18 and in the final year of highschool) giving up his soul/life and making a deal with a supernatural being, aka demon/reaper/vampire (something supernatural and evil) to save his sick and dying girlfriend who's also been his childhood friend since they were 3. His deal turns him into a monster and that one of the rules of the agreement is that he can't kill himself or tell anyone else to kill him. He decides to leave his family and his girlfriend so they don't have to be in danger of living with a monster.......

The novel would be from 3 PoV's, His, Hers and Their parents.

His PoV would be about him being on the run and becoming a monster that has to kill and how to do it without losing his sanity.

Her PoV Would be about her knowing that he was the one who healed her and trying to find out what happened to him and why he suddenly disappeared.

The Parents

This point of view would mainly come in the form of flash backs from when the kids were growing up as friends all the way to when they started dating as teenagers and going to highschool. It will show us why these 2 are so close and why an 18 year old boy would sacrifice himself for his lover, this is were i would like a majority of the backstory to be, it needs to show why the mc did what he did and how much he cares about our female mc.

Closing Note: I'm just spit balling idea's, this is just another story that has been floating around in my head but if anyone wants to use it as a basis for a story please feel free too.

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