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Flipping the Script part dos


OK I'm gonna try this again. I suggested an idea entitled Flipping the Script, last post to it was in May. I suggested a coming of age story, but instead of the male's POV, which has been done, and done well I might add, by Bluedragon, MichaelLoucks, Nick Scipio and JoeJ, to name a few, have it be a bisexual female POV. I gave a few examples from porn movies and erotica of dominant take charge female women, but without being bdsm or butch.

I also suggested the character Debbie from JoeJ's Twice Lucky. I found her a fascinating character as well as one who fit the bill of the female I had in mind. Then much of the thread devolved into copyright laws, the nuances of such, and how it's just wrong even in cases where it's legal.

My intent was not for someone to steal a character, nor create a debate about where that line is. So if someone loved Debbie as much as I, and wanted to tell her story, please get permission from JoeJ. I have seen him occasionally on forums, and he quite possibly will grant such permission. I have never communicated with him, but a fanfic called Tales of the E-Kids was posted and JoeJ even referenced it favorably in a later story of his own. So permission is a possibity.

Otherwise one could create said character themself. Reading of a person like Debbie, from her sexual awakening, to her experimental trysts with her brother, to her growing into her role who discovers that while she still enjoys men, she really, really likes to claim submissive girls and women. Be they friends, classmates, taboo such as teachers or pastors' wives, or even family members.

The coming of age tale, as I said, has been done. I have not seen an epic like that from a female POV though. Which I confess really does it for me, hence this suggestion. And these type of stories frequently win Clitorides. Now as someone mentioned, any well written story can win, and that's true. But these seem to have edge somehow. But make no mistake, it would take someone writing a great story to win.

So here's hoping somebody picks up the challenge. Thanks to all here who write, and thanks for listening.

Replies:   Grant


OK I'm gonna try this again.

So why not just use the existing thread?

Replies:   Crumbly Writer  Jedd11
Crumbly Writer


OK I'm gonna try this again.

So why not just use the existing thread?

I must agree, after repeatedly posting how 'copyright is a valid writing maneuver', the original post got bogged down in bogus legal advice. I'm hoping Jedd11 has learned his lesson, and will avoid suggesting that new authors simply 'steal' other others works and pass them off as their own.

We do need more female authors, and the issue of Coming of Age (CoA) stories are ripe for experimentation, but it's not legitimate to ask a new author to write someone else's sequel for them.



Grant, because in my education of copyright infringements, I actually took the advice of one of my detractors, though it was from another thread. Ernest Bywater on another thread, referred another commentor to a new thread he started when the discussion turned political. He felt polticis was taking away from the original topic.

So while he was one of those on my case, deservedly, about copyright issues, he also unknowingly helped me on this issue. My lack of info about copyrights was taking away from the idea. I deserved that. The idea didn't. I truly believe this to be a great story idea. But I am not capable of writing it myself. I can write a great technical paper but if I attempted this, it would be just like a technical paper, droll and possibly a cure for insomnia.

So in order to move past my foolishness on copyrights, I started another thread focused on the idea. I think a female writer would probably do it best, simply because she would definitely have a better starting reference, but a male could certainly pull it off.

So that's it. Just hoping to refocus on the idea, and maybe catch someone's eye that might take up the challenge.

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